Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Abductions - Another Reason to Birth at Home!

(It was brought to my attention that I forgot the link to the news story ( Thanks Laura! ). That's what I get for trying to do a blog post while tired with a day-long headache. )

Click HERE for story on MSNBC

You'd think that babies being abducted from hi-tech hospitals with lo-jack type security bracelets, security checkpoints, and nurses everywhere isn't possible, right?


Just this past Friday, a baby was abducted from a hospital in Santa Barbara, just 5 hours after the baby boy was born.

Wait. Where the hell were the parents when this baby was 5 hours old? Was baby in the nursery alone? Why wasn't baby with mom, where he should have been? Why wasn't baby being held, nursed, loved?

By the time that they caught up with the abductor, she had gotten all the way to Santa Maria...roughly an hour and a half north of Santa Barbara. The baby, at just 5 hours old, was carried out of the hospital that is supposed to be a "safety net" for myriad things as far as labor, pregnancy, birth ( unless you know better, that is! LOL )...and yet, a baby was carried out of it.

This is why home birth keeps looking better and better. You don't get pressured into unnecessary intervention that will likely lead to a cesarean ( hell, how do you think we got to a 31+% cesarean rate, and that's only nationwide. Most hospitals have higher rates! ), or a baby in the NICU, or a mom who needs post delivery surgery. You aren't led to believe that you have to agree to the "mandatory" separation period of 1-4 hours so that the baby can be "monitored".

When a baby is born at home, there is no confusion over possibly mixed-up babies. There is no possibility of someone walking out with your baby, and you not knowing. There is NO separation. Babies should never be separated from mommy after birth. Unless there is a life-threatening condition, baby should never be separated. Baby should be not only *with* mom, but ON mom. Hearing her voice, her heart beat, her breathing rythm, and being warmed by her body and nourished by her breast.

And yet, people think that us home birthers are crazy. Ha! With the way that hospital births are going anymore, I'm more scared for the majority, than for us in the minority who choose to birth at home. We are at a dramatically lower risk of many of the things that go wrong in the hospital...the iatrogenic.


Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

Is there a link to the full story? I haven't heard about this yet! How scary and sad for the baby.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I just gave you the Superior Scribbler Award!

Mrs. G said...

Hi, I've enjoyed reading your blog! I have 8 children 4 of whom were homebirthed including a set of twins. Unfortunately, I think my homebirth days are over. My midwife was jailed for giving a woman pitocin (illegal here in Ohio) and no longer carries it. I had a horrible hemorrhage with a miscarriage a year ago and I just don't feel safe without having pitocin available. I am due in September and I dread going to the hospital. I am also researching the MRSA rates at any potential hospital we might use. Isn't that sad? Anyhow, I wish the options were better but they're just not.


Anonymous said...

Cristy I just love reading your blog. I feel like you always touch so well on things I dont have the patience to write about myself(but think about alot).