Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dear God,

Dear God,

Why is the exact duration of a woman's pregnancy unknown to her?

Because each baby develops at a different pace in the womb, and is ready to be born only in their own time.
Fear not, and have patience, for I have a perfect Birth Day for every baby.

Why did You make it so that the end of pregnancy is often restless, uncomfortable, and emotional?

I made it restless so that your body will be ready for the night feedings with your baby.
I made it uncomfortable so that you will be ready to face the sensations of birth, that will bring forth your baby.
I made it emotional so that you will be prepared for the many emotions that come in the moment you see the fruit of your womb for the first time, and in the months of adjustment to motherhood after.
Fear not, for I created you to have strength and endurance.

Why did You make labor to be increasingly strong and painful?

So that you may learn to work through the birth pangs in each stage, and take them one at a time, rejoicing in the increasing strength and knowing that your baby is near. I made it so that the contractions grow in strength and intensity so that each one may bring the baby lower, and direct baby to be in the best position. I made labor sensations so that you may respond to your body with each need, and in knowing when baby is ready for you to begin pushing.
Fear not, for I created you to be strong and able.

Why did You make the urge to push so unbearable?

So that you would begin to push, only at the perfect time. If you begin to push before this unbearable urge, you will likely push much longer than you need to. I created this urge so that you would know, without doubt, when the baby is ready to emerge from the womb.
Fear not, for I created it this way so that you would not exhaust your body in pushing before your body and your baby are ready.

Why did You create the 'ring of fire' when pushing?

So that you would feel clearly when the baby's head is ready to emerge, and push slowly, so as to not tear your flesh.
Fear not, for I created your skin to stretch slowly, allowing for baby's head. I created your tissue to tear along only the weakest spots, if a tear is necessary. These tears will heal well on their own.

Why did You create labor and birth to be so hard for most women?

Labor and birth will not be painful for every woman, but every woman will have hard work in labor. This is a part of the curse of Adam and Eve, a part of your entry into motherhood. Just as the men are called upon to work hard to provide for their family, women are called upon to work hard to bring forth the life of their womb. Hard work in labor and birth will prepare you for the task and honor of being a mother. With motherhood comes hard work. Physically, mentally, emotionally hard work. Labor and birth open the door for the task you will be faced with.
Fear not, for I also created birth to have a reward. I created your body to release the highest amount of endorphins that will ever be known to your body, if you leave labor and birth to My design. Hindering the process will not bring this release though, so know that the hard work of labor serves a purpose, and is not without reward.

Why do women's nipples darken during pregnancy?

So that the newborn at birth, whose eyesight is yet blurry, may find the breast and be well nourished.
Fear not, for I created it so that baby may always find his way to his mother's breast, and find comfort and health.

Why do my breasts leak milk after giving birth?

So that you may provide your baby with the perfect nutrition. Colostrum so thick with fat and protein, perfect for the newly birthed baby. Breastmilk that comes in at the perfect time, in two parts. First, thinner to quench the baby's thirst. Second, thick hindmilk to fill baby's belly. Each feeding is filled with different tastes, and different textures. This prepares baby for toddler hood, when he will begin to taste the first solid foods of his life. Through nursing at the breast, a baby develops a strong, healthy jaw, and is filled with antibodies, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. A baby also receives the warmth of his mother's breast, the smell of her skin, and the sound of her heart.
Fear not, for I created breastmilk to be the most perfect food for your baby.

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Alice said...

This is so beautiful! I read it after the "Dear Doctor" one, which sickened me, really, ugh! But the "Dear God" one is so perfect and beautiful, and TRUE. I stumbled onto your blog tonight through Daja's blog. I have 3 little ones and I'm 18 weeks pregnant. My last two were natural births (one was an unattended homebirth) but this time I feel nervous about the birth because of the speed and pain at the end, for me. This post helped soothe my fears a lot, thank you! :)