Monday, October 13, 2008

To echo a running theme on Grey's Anatomy:

Seriously? Seriously! Seriously?!?!

I have been totally and completely irritated with the lack of breastfeeding advocacy in the US. Especially after visiting the Philippines, and seeing pro-breastfeeding stuff EVERYWHERE. And no, that's not being overdramatic. Posters explaining the benefits were everywhere you looked.

Here? Here we're too damn PC to say "HEY! LADY! You're supposed to be giving your baby the best! There are r-e-a-s-o-n-s that there are breastfeeding slogans like 'Breast is Best', you know! There are reasons that formula companies put that on the can and in every commercial!!!" Nooo, we can't say that. Because that might undermind the decision of a woman who believes that her breasts are sexual objects only, or the woman who thinks that breastfeeding is gross, or the woman who thinks it's just too hard.

In the grocery store the other day, a woman had a Breast Cancer Awareness tote bag, and yet was buying a huge can of formula for her roughly week-old daughter sitting in her carrier, in the very back of the grocery cart.

:crickets chirping:

In the words of Homer Simpson: "DOH!". Yes, let's make sure that everyone knows about Breast Cancer...but did YOU know that breastfeeding actually reduces your risk of said cancer? Again: "DOH!"

In the past 2 days, I have seen commercials on feeding your BABY ( not toddler, not child...BABY ) the essential fatty acids such as the Omegas, and about making sure that your baby gets enough DHA in his or her diet. They mention fish sources, foods, even FORMULAS with ADDED nutrients ( because it's manufactured, processed, and preserved REMEMBER? )....but not ONCE did the damn thing mention, oh yeah, BREASTFEEDING!!!!!

Have we really gotten that PC as a society that the babies don't matter? "It's her choice, I can't make her feel bad or change her mind!". Really? What if the people who were against slavery decided that it wasn't any of their business what went on in other households? What if the civil rights activists decided that it wasn't their problem if a black person had the very same right to be in schools and buses and shops and theaters, as white people?

Now you've gone too far, Birthkeeper!

Have I? Really? Is it so far fetched for someone to worry about the babies who have the misfortune of being born to mothers who obviously don't care enough about their well being to simply breastfeed? I'm not asking for the woman to sign her breasts up for the next 3 years. But one year?!?!? Six months?!?! I advocate for longer than that, as does many health organizations, but I'd be happy if babies got at least 6 months to a year.

But that's not going to happen unless women start their selfless portion of motherhood during pregnancy.


Emily said...

Once again, I agree whole-heartedly. Did you read the AAP has now *doubled* the DRA for Vit. D supplements? American laziness and selfishness are reaching new lows. Check out my blog about it.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I gave you a bloggy award today. Check out my blog entry for today to collect!

Keep up the GOOD WORK!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Daja's blog. You might just be my new favorite person because of this post. :) Consider me a new, dedicated reader! It's so nice to hear someone other than me ranting about breastfeeding. :)