Thursday, January 3, 2013

Midwifery Under Attack in California

After serving not just women, but women who need Midwifery care the most for 22 years, Brenda Capps was arrested in California for "Practicing Medicine Without a License". However, she did no such thing. She didn't break any laws. She never perpetrated herself as anything but what she is - a Traditional, Christian Domiciliary Midwife. She had every single one of the families under her care sign a religious exemption that outlined the fact that she was NOT licensed by the state of California, and that she is practicing the ART of Midwifery, not medicine. Most families chose her because of her calling to not be licensed, not in spite of.

The Licensed Midwifery Practice Act of 1993 states that it is a misdemeanor (not a felony, as she has been charged with) to perpetrate oneself as a Licensed Midwife when one is not. Brenda never did this. She was flagged and warned to stop practicing after she was named in another case against a Midwife a few years ago. She upheld her commitment to her families, and agreed to be the Midwife of a couple who was undercover, posing for the Medical Board. That's it. No one died. No one reported her. Brenda's record is IMPECCABLE!

The medical board is saying that women are too stupid to choose a safe care provider. The irony here is that women in CA have had far more injury, permanent consequences after births with fully licensed Obstetricians than ever with Brenda in 22 years. She has a safety record to rival MOST Obstetricians, when comparing her clients to an OB's low-risk patients.

If this pisses you off, and it should, please sign this petition. The hope is to reach at least 2,000 signatures (we're almost there!) and take it to the Governor's office. We want to show them that WOMEN should have the right to choose their care provider. As of right now, the Medical Board is shuffling their feet. They know they don't have a case. Court dates have been cancelled because of this, and Brenda hasn't even been formally charged yet! This is nothing more than a circus.

Please sign it. Please share it. Pass it on!

Petition to the Medical Board of California - Brenda Capps 

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Wholesome Womanhood said...

Thank you for sharing this! Brenda was my midwife last year when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have been horrified by what is happening to her right now; she was the best midwife I could ever have asked for, and she provided excellent care.