Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Victims of "Power Birth" Speak Out

I wrote a blog post in February of '09 about a horrific practice I had just learned of, called "Power Birth". (You can read it HERE) Since that time, I have come into contact with more than a few women who were completely traumatized by this "technique", which is nothing more than an abuse of perceived power, and flat out birth rape. Unfortunately, abuse in childbirth doesn't just occur in the hospitals with Obstetricians. Abuse is happening by women who are supposed to be upholding the sacred art of Midwifery. By women who are simply supposed to be a support in birth.

Thankfully women are starting to speak out. Read Mandala Mom's recent blog post about her experience with this "technique", and the PTSD that followed her first birth. This needs to be exposed, and it needs to stop.

If you have been a victim of Power Birth - speak up. Change doesn't happen until things are brought to light.

Power Birth--NOT to be Confused with "Empowered Birth"


Beratung in Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit said...

"In acknowledging woman-to-woman help it is important to recognize that power, within the family and elsewhere, can be used vindictively, and that it is not only powerful men who abuse women; women with power may also abuse other women." sheila kitzinger

man is wolf to man....

Get Healthy said...

Hi Christine... I would like to know how many babies you have birthed that has mad you an "expert" on birthing.. I had a powerbirth and my experience was AMAZING!!! I think that it is very ignorant of you to speak on a technique that you know nothing of. SO if you would like to know the TRUTH about POWERBIRTH then why dont you speak to all types of woman that have this birthing technique used in their birthing experience before you sit and bash another TECHNIQUE!!! if you want to sit and have a intelligent conversation about Midwifery then we can do that!!! Be prepared to learn a thing or too.. I dont expect you to actually post this comment, because obviously you dont care about the TRUTH or FACTS.. You only care about what YOU THINK is true. Maybe for the sake of humanity you shouldnt be practicing Midwifery and I hope and pray to God that you are not TEACHING Midwifery to anyone else!! PS Thank you for PROMOTING Powerbirth!!!


Christine Fiscer, Birthkeeper said...

I replied in my other post that you commented on.

Just because you are happy with the way you were handled, doesn't make any of this less true. There should be no "technique" used to birth a baby that involves repeated invasive vaginal exams, manual dilation, forced pushing, or tugging on babies. Period. Everything but the manual dilation is what OBs do on average. You might as well have a hospital birth if you are going to be treated this way at home. This "technique" is not about Physiologic birth. It is about control on the part of the care provider.

I doubt that any of this can be considered promotion, considering how many outraged responses have come about. ;)

Get Healthy said...

Actually YOU ARE VERY INCORRECT!!! Lydi was my midwife checked me vaginally ONE TIME!!! I was dilated to 5 1/2 when Lydi got to my house.. I was already pushing before she came. So you are telling me that you have never done paranial massages??? Interesting.. I was in labor for 13 hours with my first child.. When Lydi arrived I started pushing at 5 1/2 I went to 9 in a matter of forty five mins then delivered my beautiful daughter 15 mins after that.. I wasnt pushing for hours and hours and hours.. Exhausting myself. If you were educated midwife you would understand the technique.

Christine Fiscer, Birthkeeper said...

I have to wonder why you are so defensive and upset. I'm happy that Lydi only checked you once, but I have to ask ... how do you know that you were 5 1/2 and then 9, if she only checked you once? And what do vaginal exams have to do with *perineal* massage? To answer your question - no, I have never done perineal massage. I have done counter pressure, when mothers have asked me to do so, but I have never done perineal massage because evidence doesn't fully back up its effectiveness. It does however, guarantee that the care provider's hands will be constantly on the woman's perineum. I mostly attend waterbirths - and have extremely few moms who tear. None past a first degree.

And again - I cannot be incorrect if I have seen these heinous things done to women on video? As well as have had prior clients - both happy and not with their experience - back up that it involves manual dilation, and forced pushing?

What I have watched on video is not gentle perineal massage. It is painful just to watch, and I feel horrible for the mothers who have endured such violent stretching. I am an educated Midwife, which is why I understand that this "technique" is damaging.

Get Healthy said...

I should have know that you wouldnt post my other comments.. Challenging you.. Truth lies in FACTS... and I hope that God forgives you for the mean and nasty things you have said and done, with no FACTS to base your words.

Christine Fiscer, Birthkeeper said...

I posted every comment you sent to my blog, that I had seen until this morning. I do have a life though, and don't just sit at my computer waiting for amusing comments.

So let's get this straight - the women who have felt abused by this "technique" are lying. The women who were happy with this "technique" are lying. Some Midwives who have come forward as having been trained to use this "technique" in the way that I have described, who now want to change, are lying? The video footage which shows Lydi Owen manually dilating cervixes, and *telling* women to push before 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 centimeters, is lying?

Wow. We must all have collaborated to come up with this great plan to bash this "technique" for no reason, right? We must all be jealous, and have nothing better to do with our time?

I don't need you to believe me, or the women who suffered from PTSD as a result of their "Powerbirth" birth. I wouldn't even expect you to believe it if you watched the videos that I have seen. And no, they were not from some mother whose baby was in "distress" (as is Lydi's claim), they were Lydi's own videos. I have never seen anything other than Lydi's promotional productions, and they are horrific.

Believe what you want to believe

Christine Fiscer, Birthkeeper said...
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